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Top Six Selected Songs we call Bravery's finest.

The truth about our individuality is that we separately often experience the collective realities of life. We know that we can choose the outcome of every fight so we do the needful to win. These six selected songs are effective musical weapons of combat that consistently help us to succeed in, and stay on top of, everything that we do.
1.   'I Will Fear No more' by The Afters You’re my courage when I worry in the dead of night,
You’re my strength ‘cause am not strong enough to win this fight,
You are greater than the battle raging in my mind,
I will trust you Lord
I will fear no more... This song has given us so many testimonies in our professional and personal lives. Our friends, family members and colleagues also have had, and still will continue to tell about undeniable experiences plus remarkable workings of miracles through the spirit that inspired this song.  Anxiety consistently seeks to defeat us when we focus on our capabilities and strength. Preparation for every e…
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STAY YOUNG BY JunaNJoey will forever be a Straight Fire Music. You want a song that makes you always believe in life by understanding the excellence of Chance and Destiny? Stay young is your song.
Juna N Joey the Country pop duo from Florida, USA poured out so much talent and brilliance in this song. The exceptional delivery, passionate drive and emotionally soothing pace with which this track flows is legit tight and dope.
We get loads of people talking about music of the ‘good old days’ but hey, this right here is forever lit. The presentation is lovable and the poetic sweetness here won’t go unnoticed. OMG with enthusiastic and revealing opening lines like "oh can you hear the world fighting
oh can you hear more crying
oh I don’t wanna live that way"
You bet they are so in touch with our world and they have the exact music we all need to be listening to right now…and always. We can relate with the pressure that grown folks deal with daily because we are all growing. This son…


Sunset Blush makes Indie, pop, punk, rock and just about all shades of music.
The very unique voice and vocal exceptionalism here is undeniable.
The song “I think it’s time” opens with the something like the sound of a happy note of hope. The feeling of clam urgency gives it a poetic placement.✌

“I think it’s time to…
Open the curtains
…I think it’s time to hug the person right next to you
…Hugging stranger’s leads to wedding bells…”
This is one of the songs that show up with a reminder of the need for people all over the world to come together and realize that all it takes to move from being strangers to best of friends is a kind gesture. If you keep to yourself and I keep to myself, all we will have is a world of lonely people keeping to themselves and hiding in the shadows of their individual difficulties when the person right next to us can be all the solution we would ever need.

They say procrastination steals fulfillment. It reminds me of a beautiful lady who rushed into a shopping mall…


There is something about profanity in Hip-Hop/Rap Music that gives the genre a stereotype. This is one reason why some people will have nothing to do with songs and artists that are famous in this category.
Words are very powerful! Intelligent minds (and ears) would always want to know what a song is about. It is typical (but not general) of rap music that words are uttered suddenly and forcibly, this is another reason why the process of introducing a person to the love of rap music has to be realistic.
Celebrating profanity is not acceptable to everyone, so we have carefully selected songs with no bad words, no curse words and no disturbing lyrics.
1.  Family Photo-Andy Mineo 2.  Faithful-Jered Sanders 3.  Show Love-1k Phew 4.  The Champion -Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris 5.  I’ll find you-Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly 6.  For the Love-      Angie Rose 7.  Hope-Joshua Massey 8.  Stronger-Roy Tosh ft. VRose 9.  Jubilee-Rymsta Ray 10. No Chains              -      KB

'Always with You' by Danielle Haskell is a song for the battlefield

There is so much to be celebrated as we review the track 'Always with you' by the vocal genius Danielle Haskell whose music provides deep relief emotionally and perfectly combines vocal chords with lyrics that are strong enough to mend a broken heart and move mountains of any kind.

Music relates endless stories for us. Some created through the song, others deeply rooted in the song. We are inspired to share our thoughts on what makes us excited about this great musical phenomenon.

People always celebrate good times and pray against bad times. This song however brings to our hearts the confidence that the one who truly loves us the most is always with us- in joy or in sorrow, when life is fun and when it is so annoying to be living and breathing.

With great music taste, we find this track totally perfect for both lyrical rhyme scheme excellence and soft sound appreciation.

"Mountains so tall, valleys so deep, there's not a place that you're far from me,  so bring me yo…


Every one has one misinformation or the other about people, the opposite gender & life formations in total. What a girl wants will not always conflict with what a boy wants but to say that the masculine desire is totally framed into the feminine tendencies is very correct.

It is not true to say that women have no control over their emotions and men have no control over their eyes.
Honesty is proof that I am careful. what makes you and me get the best in whatever we do is honesty.
Because I am careful not to hurt you by my dishonest disposition, you are comfortable doing the same to me and to others.
Women are looking for a man who is strong enough to stand his ground and hold on to his values, his beliefs and, most importantly, his God. Just because I  feel I am an  inadequate man does not mean it is true. I may just be the biggest liar on the planet.

True masculinity comes when a man has enough honour and respect for the woman in his life to say no to temptations. without gettin…


This up-beat blend of hip-hop, pop, dance, Rap and more, has deep lines that fuse hope and motivation together. Carrie Underwood elegantly sings of “working my whole life” and “now it’s do or die.” These words are a question of success and how bad(in a good way) you want it.
I like to describe the desire for success as “how good you are at wanting what you want so badly.” True. Until you come to terms with the notion of what your life really is about (which is to fully succeed), the question ‘Who is the Champion’ remains unanswered. “I am invisible, unbreakable, unstoppable, unshakable, they knock me down, I get up again…” These lines powerfully done with strong vocals bring to light the spirit of the champion. Explicitly dropping the defining bars in lyrical precision, Ludacris speaks of the ‘born champion’ and gives the acronym some solidly defined classifications, recognizing that every champion is all about his principles.
What are these principles? What makes them so special? Here we…